Padi Goodspeed

Mortgage Advisor

Padi started her career in the mortgage industry 15 years ago while going to school in the Bay Area. In less than six months, she was generating more applications than her bosses and was promoted from being an assistant loan officer to full time origination. It was her love for problem solving and making people smile that made her fall in love with mortgage lending. 

Her motto is “my purpose is service”. Having a deep rooted faith, she believes in treating every application the same and putting every effort into each loan approval. Her focus is to study guidelines, master the niche products and provide solutions quickly for every loan scenario. She is an expert on FHA, VA and Conventional guidelines, loves to work with investors and specializes in jumbo products.

“When you help someone purchase a home or save money on an existing loan you are enhancing the quality of their lives, nothing gives me greater satisfaction than to have a hand in making someone’s dream come true or just making their lives easier to live. We all need more time, more opportunities and more cash flow, my passion is helping people find these things, often.” -Padi Goodspeed

15+ Years of Experience


With 15 years of experience in the mortgage industry, I have mastered the niche products and the ability to provide solutions quickly for every loan scenario.


I do exactly what I say I’ll do. I return calls, follow up, and honor all commitments that I make to my clients. I always have a open line of communication.


With a 5-Star Zillow rating and 70+ reviews, I try to embody everything I feel a Mortgage Advisor should be; and countless buyers feel I have have done exactly that. 


My love for problem solving has helped me acquire so much information in the lending industry, I do my best to make sure I share all that knowledge with each of my clients along the way.

What My Buyers Say

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  • “Highly recommended. It was fantastic working with Padi to complete my home purchase. Made the process feel simple. She is easy to work with and I was never confused about what she needed from me. Keeps on top of things and is a very quick, hard worker. Probably one of the best people you can work with.”

    Buyer From 95758
    Conventional Loan - 30 Year Fixed
  • “Padi was extremely responsive, caring and professional. Our initial conversation was via email. After a few emails, her follow-up was fantastic. We spoke over the phone. She explained the process and efficiently made the process as easy and painless as possible. I never knew the process could be done so well. I had worked with another lender previously. I was extremely unsatisfied with his service due to unresponsiveness and loss of paperwork. She made all my worries dissipate, Whatever you situation is, she can work miracles. Hands down- one of the best!”

    Buyer From 94607
    FHA Loan
  • “I’m a first time home buyer and Padi was very supportive and helpful in the process. She was always available and quick to respond to emails and text messages. She was able to get me a loan on a condo that another bank told me they couldn’t do. Overall a great experience and I would highly recommend.”

    Buyer From 94612
    Conventional Loan - 30 Year Fixed
  • “It was a fairly easy process with Padi. The documentation was handled electronically and the person to person discussions were via phone. The experience was fast and efficient. We were approved within the sales contract date so there was minimal pressure with that aspect. Contact between our realtor agent and Padi was efficient and helpful.”

    Buyer From 94607
    Conventional Loan - 30 Year

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